Gilles MaurerGilles Maurer (PhD 2015-2018) is studying the interactions between the wild and semi-captive pools of Asian elephants within an interdisciplinary framework (demography, economy, ethno-ecology, population genetics) – check out the NGO ElefantAsia. This is joint work with Baptiste Mulot from Beauval Nature.

Julie LouvrierJulie Louvrier (PhD 2015-2018) is working on methods for assessing the distribution of large carnivores (joint work with Christophe Duchamp and Eric Marboutin from ONCFS and John Linnell from NINA).

Nina SantostasiNina Santostasi (Intern 2016) is studying several species of dolphins in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) and aims at estimating their abundance using capture-recapture methods. This is joint work with Giovanni Bearzi and Silvia Bonizzoni from Dolphin Biology and Conservation.

Laetitia BlancLaetitia Blanc (ATER 2016) is working on the conservation of lynx in France using spatially-explicit individual-based models (joint work with Stephanie Kramer-Schadt from IZW and Eric Marboutin from ONCFS).

Blaise PiédalluBlaise Piédallu (PhD 2013-2016) is developing an integrated approach for managing human-wildlife conflicts with the Pyrenean brown bear population as a case study (joint work with Pierre-Yves Quenette from ONCFS).

Tamar LokTamar Lok (post-doc 2015-2016) is developing integrated population models that combine colour-banding, tracking and count data to assess within- and between-individual variation in different aspects of migratory behaviour of the Eurasian Spoonbill and the Red Knot.

Sarah CubaynesSarah Cubaynes (post-doc 2016) is studying the demography of polar bears in the Svalbard. This is joint work with Jon Aars from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Léa DaurèsLéa Daurès (Master 2016) is analysing data collected from a citizen science program called Cybelle Méditerranée that aims at monitoring the Mediterranean marine biodiversity. This program is led by Céline Arnal from Cybelle Planète.