Population management

This work started with Sabrina Servanty while she was a post-doc in the team. We studied wild boar, a fascinating species with the breeding biology of a rabbit or a mouse. We used several approaches of the demographer toolbox to propose management strategies (here and here).

Marlène Gamelon took over Sabrina, and besides her contributions to population management (here), she focused on evolutionary aspects (here, here and here). In parallel, Guillaume Péron as part of his post-doc used similar tools and developed spatial mapping of mortality and hunting pressure to propose management strategies for bird game species (here, here and here).

Now, as part of Julien Papaïx post-doc, we attempted to bring evolutionary ingredients to population management by bridging the gap between demography and evolutionary ecology. This is something Marlène Gamelon will look into in the future.

This is joint work with Eric Baubet from ONCFS and Jean-Michel Gaillard.