Methodological developments

I was trained in mathematics and statistics. I became interested in ecological statistics during my PhD under the supervision of Jean-Dominique Lebreton and Roger Pradel. I developed tools to fit capture-recapture models (here and here), asses the fit of these models (here; see our review here and the software here) and diagnose estimation issues (here and here; see our review here).

More recently, I’ve proposed the state-space modeling framework to fit capture-recapture models (here). In parallel, Roger developed the hidden Markov modeling (HMM) approach (see our review here). Together with Rémi Choquet, we joined our efforts to demonstrate that occupancy models can be reformulated as HMMs (here). Check out our new book introducing state-space models for population dynamics.

My research has been mainly centered on single populations. I’ve recently become interested in systems with multiple populations (here and here) and multiple species (here and here); this research was part of Elena Papadatou and Fitsum Abadi post-docs. In the near future, I aim at developing multispecies demography in a big project funded by ANR.

Last but not least, every year our team is organising workshops to diffuse the methods we develop.