Evolution of life histories

Until recently, our team was part of the Evolutionary Ecology department at CEFE. Interactions with people in this department clearly influenced my early work as a research scientist at CNRS. For example, in collaboration with Thomas Lenormand, I developed tools to study the influence of natural selection on traits using capture-recapture data (see here and here).

This reflection led to a collaborative paper with Jean-Michel Gaillard, Anne Charmantier, Roger Pradel, Emmanuelle Cam and others illustrating the risks of ignoring the issue of detectability less than one in evolutionary studies (here).

I then became interested in studying evolutionary trade-offs in the wild as part of Mathieu Buoro’s PhD (see here, here and here), Sarah Cubaynes’ PhD (see here and here) and Marine Desprez’ PhD (here and here). Last but not least, I started a collaboration on the Dalmatian pelicans with Alain Crivelli and Jocelyn Champagnon from Tour du Valat; Rachel Guénon investigated trade-offs in a Greek population using capture-recapture data as part of her Master internship.