Coexistence between humans and animals

It all started with Lucile Marescot who did a PhD on the recolonization of wolves in France (here, here and here). Clearly, solely relying on demography was not enough to fully understand the conflicts between people and the species in the Alps.

Together with Blaise Piédallu for his PhD on the brown bear in the Pyrénées, we aim at integrating demography with sociology and economy to contribute to the coexistence between people and this species.

On the same front, Gilles Maurer developped for his master internship a bioeconomic model to study the interactions between the wild and semi-captive pools of Asian elephants in Laos (see Gilles’ work with the NGO Elefantasia). We’re adding an anthropo-ecology dimension to the work in his PhD funded by Beauval Nature through a CIFRE.

In Vincenzo Gervasi’s post-doc, we will assess the determinants of conflicts on large carnivores in Europe. This is funded by Labex CEMEB.

I’m also the PI on a project funded by Fondation de France in which we will propose management strategies for human activities and populations of bottlenose dolphins to coexist on the Mediterranean French littoral.

This is joint work with Pierre-Yves Quenette, Eric Marboutin and Christophe Duchamp from ONCFS, GIS3M, Luigi Boitani, Guillaume Chapron, John Linnell, Coralie Mounet, Nicolas Lescureux, Ben Rashford and Carole Ropars-Collet.