Climate forcing and demography

I became interested in the study of climate forcing on demography when working with Vladimir Grosbois while he was a post-doc in the team. We reviewed the tools available to the biologist to address this issue (here), which was recently updated by Morten Frederiksen while he was on sabbatical in the lab (here). We also developed an approach to investigate the contribution of climatic variables in synchronizing multiple populations (here).

Using these tools, we demonstrated a link between extreme climatic events and breeding strategies of seabirds (here); this was part of Paul Doherty‘s sabbatical in the team and Sarah Cubaynes’ PhD. See other applications here, here, here, here and here.

In parallel, I developed a new class of capture-recapture models that allow incorporating nonlinear relationships between demographic parameters and environmental covariates (see here and here); this is joint work with Christophe Barbraud. I also proposed to integrate path analyses in capture-recapture models to assess direct and indirect effects of covariates on demographic paramters (here; see also here).